About Us

Teclever is a prime IT solutions and service provider catering to all segments of industries, operating from 3 global destinations. Teclever emphasises on client contentment by leveraging technology in a world driven by the power of smart devices. Teclever’s established niche in technology has now revolutionised the sales and logistics sphere of industries by launching ESBApps.

What is ESBApps?

Elastic solutions for business or ESBApps is an amalgamation of extensively interlinked applications which has a varied chain of functionalities which enables the track, monitor and control the organisational resources for optimum utilisation.

ESBApps, provides ample flexibility and convenience to all user’s including the rock-bottom sales executives by equipping them wth expedient data, ensuring better mobility to its customers with a competitive advantage.

Why ESBApps?

  • Customer centric-Improved customer service and customer relations.
  • Manifold industrial reach.
  • Automated and streamlined data.
  • Optimum resource utilisation.
  • Monitor,track & control sales team productivity.
  • Proactive decision making.
  • Preventing the “out of stock” fashion.(Inventory management)
  • Features that ensure simplified sales process.